The Method Of Identifying The Wallpaper Of Different Materials

- Nov 24, 2017 -

Choose wallpaper and other products, brand, price, style in the consumer's comparison project. In order to ensure the purchase of good quality, safe and environmentally friendly products, the choice of wallpaper must look at the brand, this and product quality, after-sales service has a great relationship. In addition to flower patterns, but also to see the material, environmental protection, air permeability, anti-aging, wear resistance. Generally speaking, good wallpaper is high environmental protection, no quality problems, long service life of the wallpaper.

Wallpaper Identification method: A smell, two rub, SANLA, four-burning, five water test. Especially the fire-water test, can make the wallpaper material prototype man.

1. Smell: Open the sample, smell the smell, if there is a smell is synthetic paper, the natural material of the wallpaper only very light vegetation fragrance.

2. Touch, rub: High-end wallpaper feel delicate, like touching the board, generalized learning wallpaper feel rough, such as touch foam, plastic, take a wet cloth hard to wipe the surface of the wallpaper, if there is discoloration or wear, then the process does not pass.

3. Pull: Pull the Wallpaper sample page, the natural material of the high-end wallpaper is not easily deformed, easy to recover, including plastic paper is very easy to deformation, difficult to recover.

4. Fire: The natural material of the wallpaper burning without black smoke and strange smell, the dust is also white after burning, if the black smoke, smelly, it is a plastic wallpaper, quality and environmental performance is not guaranteed.

5. Water test: First on the back of a few drops of the wallpaper, to see if there is water stains through the paper, if not, it is not a natural material, not the nature of the wallpaper; then put a small part of the wallpaper into the water, scraping the wallpaper surface and back with your fingers to see if it faded or rotted.

In the purchase of wallpaper, can not only be beautiful colors and patterns to attract, but also pay attention to the number of wallpaper and lot numbers, the same number of wallpaper to buy, should have a surplus, so as not to decorate and later maintenance when the dosage is not enough to make the wall color difference, leaving a regret.

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