The New Wallpaper

- Jan 11, 2018 -

Nowadays, people have developed a series of new products based on the traditional wallpaper, applying modern scientific and technological achievements.

Hygroscopic wallpaper

Not long ago, Japan invented a kind of wet wallpaper, its surface is covered with innumerable tiny pore, 1 square metre can absorb 100 milliliter of water.

This is the ideal adornment of the wall between the face.

Insecticidal wallpaper

The United States has invented a wallpaper that can kill insects. Insects such as flies, mosquitoes and cockroaches will soon be killed if they come into contact with this wallpaper, and its insecticidal effect lasts for five years.

The wallpaper can be scrubbed, not afraid of steam and chemicals.

Tempering wallpaper

Britain successfully developed a kind of regulating temperature wallpaper, it made up by three layer, layer is a thermal barrier against the wall, the middle layer is a special kind of temperature adjustment, is made through chemical processing of fiber, there are countless pores on the outermost layer and with decorative pattern.

This kind of beautiful wallpaper, can adjust indoor temperature automatically, keep the air pleasant.

Mouldproof wall paper

Difficult to illuminate the sun to the house, such as the north room, changing room, bath room and some low, dark, Japan has to use this wallpaper, containing preservatives can effectively mouldproof, moistureproof.

Heating the wallpaper

Britain successfully developed a way to send out quantity of heat of wallpaper, this wallpaper on the peculiar coated with a layer of paint coating, coating after the power supply can convert electrical energy into heat, emit heat, stick with suitable for winter.

Quit the wallpaper

A company in the United States is offering to help people stop smoking. They smoke in a room with this wallpaper. Smokers will feel that cigarettes are not "sweet" and have a feeling of nausea.

It turns out that this wallpaper has added a few special chemicals to the process.

And these chemicals can last for a long time to give off a special smell, and if someone smokes, the gas can stimulate the smoker's sensory system and produce a feeling of disgust.

With the progress of science and technology and people's living standard is increasing day by day, with different style and suitable for different needs of various new wallpaper products, will be gradually developed, to create a good comfortable and healthy indoor environment to make new contributions.

Heat insulating wall paper

Germany produces a special wallpaper that has the properties of heat insulation and heat preservation.

The wall paper is only 3 millimeters thick, and its insulation is the equivalent of 27 centimeters of stone wall.

Blocking WiFi wallpaper

French researchers have created a new wallpaper that blocks WiFi signals, allowing them to search for wi-fi signals in their homes, while not blocking other signals.

This wallpaper has silver crystal, which blocks WiFi signals but does not block your phone or other remote control signals.

If you put this wallpaper on your wall, you can't use it because you can't find your own WiFi signal.

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