The Selection Of The Background Wall Of The Living Room Wallpaper TV

- Nov 24, 2017 -

1. Look at color

TV background Wall as a part of the living room decoration, the grasp of color to be consistent with the whole living room tone, if the TV background wall color and the tone of the living room is not coordinated, will affect the sense of view, but also affect mood. But generally speaking, elegant white, light blue, green color, bright yellow, red decorated with a shallow gold is a good hue, too deep and too dazzling hue easy to make people feel heavy, emotional tension. So in the choice of the color of the grasp must be clear, otherwise the inappropriate color will only affect the overall home decoration effect.

2. Select material

The current market of wallpaper base materials such as paper, adhesive surface (PVC synthetic wallpaper), natural fiber, metal and fabric and so on. In addition to pay attention to environmental protection, wallpaper also plays a role in noise reduction, especially the owner has in the living room to listen to the sound of hobbies, material selection, can be selected to mute, environmentally friendly wallpaper, reduce noise pollution.

3. See the effect

On the whole, good wallpapers should look natural, comfortable and three-dimensional. From the details of observation, whether the pattern is exquisite and layered, tonal transition is natural, the flower is not allowed, whether there is color, dead fold, bubble, these are the need to pay attention to.

4. Touch the Texture

Touch the wallpaper with your hand, the key is the pattern part, to see if the real degree of the pattern is even. Compared to the whole ratio of the left and right thickness is consistent, the texture of the wallpaper even after the effect will be good.

5. Surface cleaning

Wallpaper stain Resistance Scrub is also your choice when you need to consider factors, especially the family has a baby, in the selection, you can use a slightly wet towel wipe, such as discoloration, delamination is not good quality.

6. Smell

Close to the sample or product, smell whether there are obvious chemical odor, such as only slightly similar to the smell of alcohol, can be assured to choose, such as the odor of formaldehyde, vinyl chloride monomer and other volatile substances may be higher. In order to be aware, you can also like the merchant asked to see the Wallpaper Quality inspection report, select E0 level or E1 level.

7. Choose the Light

TV background wall lighting arrangement, should choose more to local lighting to deal with, lighting collocation should also be with the chandelier. The lighting of the background wall does not need to be too bright, and the light cannot be direct to the TV. When watching TV, especially at night, the light should be soft.

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