The Selection Technique Of Wallpaper

- Jan 11, 2018 -

Techniques of choose and buy

Home wall decoration wallpaper with glass fiber and polyvinyl vinyl wallpaper.

The former simple sense is good, like cotton, but easy to accumulate dust, fiber aperture is not easy to clean, leave "HanJi" easily after be affected with damp be affected with damp, the latter has a waterproof, don't fall off, sound-absorbing, flame retardant, the advantages of easy to clean, durable, breed of design and color is rich, also have multicolor printing, foam, embossing, etc.

Printing plastic wallpaper is rich in color, rich in decorative, foaming plastic wallpaper has a strong sense and unique three-dimensional relief effect, embossed wallpaper has hua guan's silk shining, charming and charming.

Buy wall to decorate wallpaper, should choose the color even, decorative pattern is full, avoid to have paper folding, left and right chromatic aberration, pollution, paper membrane separation and so on defect.

Two rolls of the same wallpaper, : to buy the same batch of products, to prevent color difference.

In addition, also pay attention to wallpaper and interior furniture furnishings, tonal, style harmonious relation.

The amount of wallpaper needed is about 2.5 to 3 times the amount of the room per room.

Room area, for example, about 12 ㎡;

Buy 30-36 ㎡ wallpaper will do the trick.

Look: look at the surface of the wall paper whether there is color difference, ruffle and bubble, the flower case of wallpaper is clear, color is even.

Touch: after seeing, can touch the wall paper with the hand, feel its simple sense is good, the thin thick of paper is consistent.

Smell: this is very important, if the wall paper has peculiar smell, it is likely formaldehyde, vinyl chloride and other volatile matter content is higher.

Wipe: can cut a wallpaper small sample, wipe paper surface with damp cloth, see if have decolorization phenomenon.

When the choose and buy of wallpaper, also must pay attention to the wallpaper of the material is different, the price is different also, at the same time, the thickness of wallpaper because some of the same material, environmental protection, the differences between the dirty resistance, prices will also vary.

In order to select the wallpaper with more symmetrical value, in the case that we do not know how to look at the quality, it is better to look at the brand, the price of the brand is high, but the quality is more guaranteed.

At the same time, the new wallpaper price is higher than the old one, and the more expensive wallpaper will be more comprehensive.

Choose appropriate

First make sure you decorate the overall cost and overall decoration style and the main material that decorate.

The determination of style is very important, in choosing a variety of flowers and colors, the first should follow the matching style.

The second should be suitable for use.

{such as children's room has special edition, public place has engineering wallpaper, dining-room has the wall paper that designs for dining-room specially.

The third should accord with oneself aesthetic viewpoint and colorific collocation.

It is better for you to ask for a selection of the appropriate varieties by the decorator, and you can choose from it.

This will avoid unnecessary trouble.

The principle of choose and buy

Complementary makings

When choosing wallpaper, also need to know the base film (wall cover), glue powder, glue use function, they will affect the construction quality of wallpaper directly and later effect.

A complete set of wallpaper construction including the base paint glue wallpaper, any link not environmental protection will affect the final construction effect.

Invisible link - primer and glue are more critical.

The construction of many wallpaper is caused by glue.

Color fastness

Colorful wallpaper is beautiful, but don't forget to wipe with wet cloth on site, to see whether decoloring, especially some concave and convex texture wallpaper, little not often clean care in the future.

Environmental testing

Environmental protection depends on the material and the material grade of the wallpaper, the printing process, etc., the scene can be through the burning of samples (high environmental protection grade wallpaper no burning smell of smoke, ash is gray powder) and smell (PVC wallpaper has obvious plastic taste, low level of the wallpaper has a very strong smell of printing ink) to identify.

The new and odorless paper pulp wallpaper has the highest environmental rating.

Concerned about the material

The wallpaper in the market is various, but the material is also many, among them the paper base PVC wallpaper is more than half, the raw material cost is relatively low, some import PVC wallpaper price is very high;

High-grade wallpaper is usually made of pure paper and non-woven fabrics.

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