The Style Of Wallpaper

- Jan 11, 2018 -

Neoclassical style

The combination of classical and modern, it comes from the classical, takes its divine likeness!

Is under the standard of traditional aesthetics, using the modern material and technology, to deduce the classic of traditional culture essence, it not only has elegant, the temperament of zhuang, and has obvious characteristics of era!

Wallpaper selection factor: noble, luxurious, comfortable.

Modern avant-garde style

Than contracted highlights self, make public individual character, no regular 'space, the bold contrast intense color to decorate, and may select material collocation, with mixing technique to seek for a surreal balance from the cold, wallpaper selected elements: trendy, fashion and personality.


The American countryside attaches great importance to the natural comfort of life and fully shows the simple flavor of the countryside, which abandons the fussiness and luxury.

A complete function of classical elegance and neoclassicism.

American country style furniture colour is given priority to with natural and tonal, tonal whole bedroom with green and tan for common, especially in the choice of metope colour, nature, nostalgia, sending out the color of plain flavor is the typical American country style, wallpaper choose pure pulp texture, more outstanding elements in the collection and different style, emphasis on returning to nature, whether it is a heavy furniture, or with accessories of years vicissitudes of life, to demonstrate the comfort of life and freedom.

Wallpaper selection: nature, color, paper.

Mediterranean style

Mediterraneans love the free-spirited nature of the living environment for spacious design and visual penetration.

Using the arch, Windows, hollow wall to create visual penetration, and lets the space has the effect of extension, the coast of blue and white sand beach in Spain, Greece's white village, south Italy of the sunflowers golden flow field in the sun, in the south of France wafts of purple lavender aroma, north Africa, the rocks and desert all elements are shaping the dream of the Mediterranean.

Wallpaper selection: bright, romantic, light colors.

European-style classical style

Elegant ancient style: the medieval style, rich Renaissance style, romantic baroque style, delicate rococo style!

The crystal palace lamp that get rid of get rid of is glittering, beautiful carvings are clever, elaborate design is beautiful and beautiful, luxuriant wallpaper is made of the sky, all of them explain luxurious, delicate!

European classical fearless time and space transformation, fascinating.

Wallpaper selection elements: exquisite, gorgeous, European elements.

New Chinese style

The interpretation of traditional Chinese style and cultural significance in the current era.

The complicated and complicated decoration is more subtle and elegant, with soft and soft decoration for hard and straight lines, and simple and practical modern design for classical beauty.

New Chinese style style is not pure element stack, but through the understanding of traditional culture, modern elements and traditional elements and he together, with the modern's aesthetic demand to make rich traditional styles of things.

Wallpaper selection elements: nostalgic, delicate, Chinese elements.


The adornment style that has grade, it breaks the modelling form of modernism and adornment gimmick, pay attention to linear collocation and color harmony, oppose simplification;

We should strive for the harmony of taste, and oppose the strong color contrast and heavy metal flavor.

The elegance emphasizes the taste, emphasizes the comfort, melts the ancient and modern characteristics.

After finishing and polishing of timber, wallpaper, with warm color and richly colorful fabric, as well as the ornament of delicate black and bright and clean hardwood floor or polishing brick and he, make the atmosphere of whole life full of warmth, more highlights the host in the pursuit of quality of life.

Wallpaper selection factor, fashion, exquisite, comfortable.

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