Traditional Wallpaper Industry Faces Challenges

- Dec 18, 2017 -

   With the continuous development of market economy, the consumption trend of the home market has been continuously upgraded. Concrete can be embodied in household consumption gradually change color to functional experience from style, choice of household demand gradually from passive to personalization across, residential space gradually from blank to bag check in structure, enterprise development gradually from fight alone to cross-border joint transformation and so on. Thus, the challenge of traditional home manufacturing industry is not only the change of market demand and the iteration of process technology. At the same time, we should think more about how to innovate from different dimensions to improve competitiveness and living space.

    Household consumption gradually change color to functional experience from style, small and medium-sized household enterprises come up competition has only from the style, material belong to "useless", all feel quite apart from the professional specific differences, let alone ordinary consumers, it increases the average consumer choice is difficult, leading to the people the most reluctant to see more results: price. The market as an invisible big hand, in this wave of home wash wave, the prosperity of household enterprise is inevitable.

Living forever is the eternal topic of home entrepreneurs. Want to sustainable development, but the household style on the handle, more should pay attention to material quality, details and the innovation of the marginalized, but often design feeling, how to dig household more humanized functions and how to more scientific and the introduction of the human body engineering. In addition, the new environmental protection concept of health, recyclable and recycling is popular among young people. In this way, the challenge of traditional real wood furniture is not only in the narrow sense, but also the change of market demand and the iteration of process technology. Household, small and medium enterprises to gradually fade out lock "style + real wood" this one track-minded, more to think about how the innovation from different dimensions, material, function, etc.) to improve competitiveness and survival space. This will be the core competitiveness of the future small and medium-sized household enterprises.


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