Wallpaper Collocation

- Jan 11, 2018 -

Wallpaper and wall color.

Red with white, black, blue-gray, beige, gray.

Stone texture wallpaper.

Stone texture wallpaper.

Pink with purple, black, gray, dark green, white, beige, brown, navy blue.

Orange is white, black, and blue.

Yellow with purple, blue, white, brown, black.

Brown with beige, yellow, brick red, turquoise, black.

Green with white, beige, black, dark purple, taupe, grayish brown.

Dark green with pink, light purple, apricot yellow, dark purple, turquoise.

Blue with white, pink, red, gold, silver, olive, orange, yellow.

Light blue with white, sauce red, light grey, light purple, pale blue, pink.

Purple with light pink, grey blue, yellow green, white, purple, silver grey, black.

Purple red with blue, pink, white, black, purple, dark green.

Wallpaper and bedroom patterns.

Colourful, dazzling big flower pattern often in the distance can attract a person's line of sight, lifelike pattern appears to have.

The wallpaper

The wallpaper

The feeling that gives out, this kind of wallpaper is most suitable to be installed in the room that the pattern is single, in order to reduce the constraint feeling of the bedroom.

And the wallpaper of some of the broken floral pattern that has regular arrangement can be used as the background of the bedroom, let oneself love sofa, the chair is in the background of this spot star flower shows its characteristic.

If the lower the height of the bedroom, can choose vertical stripes of wallpaper to decorate the walls, because bar pattern can give up the illusion of the line of sight, let a bedroom looks don't appear depressive.

Bright wallpaper actually should not only serve the metope of the bedroom, it can also become adornment household goods material.

You can take advantage of the leftover leftover material of the wall, decorate the lampshade of the home, the wardrobe, the meal mat, bring harmony to the whole family.

Wallpaper pattern, design and color is very rich, even the same kind of style, also can be made of wallpaper, wallpaper waist line, fabric, organza, satin mutual collocation of style, as a result, you can according to their own interest and aesthetic choose wallpaper design.

But different texture, color, design wallpaper will form different visual effect, so you should combine their own height of the room, the daylighting condition of the bedroom, family size to choose the right wallpaper.

Someone called wallpaper, wall cloth is metope "fashion", this was not a bit exaggerated, because it often represents the trend of The Times and fashion, reflect individual character, expressing people the pursuit of beautiful and comfortable.

With the innovation of designers and technologists,

The wallpaper images

The wallpaper images

Application of new technology and equipment, the existing of wallpaper, wall cloth products have rich and colorful style, bright skin texture, texture soft, sound-absorbing breathe freely, not easy craze, replace onlay is simple, easy and to clean water and so on merits, and according to the need to make the environmental protection special function such as flame retardant, antibacterial, antistatic products.

Its color, pattern, texture can be through the careful design, more adaptable to various environments and the need to meet the aesthetic view of modern people, at all levels and for people to create a luxurious, sweet, comfortable, healthy environment, this is unmatched by other metope adornment material.

Wallpaper and room light.

Generally speaking, the wall paper chooses cool tone or warm tone, and the light of the room is closely related.

For sun room, can choose a light slants cold tonal to mitigate the temperature of the room, such as the shallow blue, shallow green of quietly elegant, etc., if the light is very good, the color of wall paper can increase appropriately in an integrated light intensity, so as to avoid the wallpaper under strong light mapping.

In addition, unfavorable area USES the wall paper that bring anti-spot or reflective pattern, if use too much, can resemble in metope installed a lot of small lens, let a person feel shake.

And shady room, can choose the wallpaper of warm color department in order to increase the clear sense of the room, such as milk yellow, light orange, shallow coffee, or choose tonal and lively wall paper, avoid excessive use brunet department emphasizes the massiness, make the person produces depressive feeling.

Wallpaper and room area.

The color and design of the wallpaper directly affect the space atmosphere, the big flower design reduces the bedroom constraint feeling.

Some flower pattern is clear, strong color, is really have the feeling of be vividly portrayed, this wallpaper can decrease the cabined feeling of the room, let a person place oneself in the flowers, the eyeful pleasantly surprised, is suitable for the room use pattern is more prosaic.

In general, this wallpaper should match the European classical furniture (such as coffee, color of spades), pressure can do big flower pattern of sexy, can add a bright color in the deep of classical.

If the choice is modern simple furniture people had better not choose this wallpaper.

Area small or light dark room, appropriate chooses the wallpaper of small design.

Small regular pattern adds bedroom order feeling.

Regular small pattern can provide for the bedroom a neither exaggerate too won't light background, can try tonal lighter class wallpaper vertical and horizontal intersection of grid, all attributed to order, can also extend the space.

Recently small broken flower pattern is very popular on the market, but just my own opinion, flower wallpaper is suitable for the room, furniture is concise and more sufficient light too trifling decorations collocation can make the room look cluttered, which is why a lot of people reflect, he felt small broken flower wallpaper on the wall.

Wallpaper and room space.

Vertical stripe pattern wallpaper can increase bedroom height.

Stripe pattern of the wallpaper has a lasting and classical, and other features, is one of the most successful choice, it can put the color to use the most effective way to spread in the whole metope, simple and elegant.

If the room already look taller, can choose the width of the larger pattern or slightly wider type long stripe dress (and the reason is the same), and this kind of wall paper is suitable for use in fluid large space, can make originally tall effect to stretch around the room, visual balance.

If the room itself is short, can choose long strip design, narrow pattern can make the effect that the shorter room produces upward direction.

Line is anacreontic, use color bold, the modelling wallpaper of abstract design suits individual character demand, but this kind of wallpaper needs the furniture collocation with same personality.

If it is simple to go with board furniture, it is obviously a BMW logo in front of the Mercedes Benz.

Wallpaper and room use.

To the foil effect since furniture, colour is too rich dignified, is less than the background role, so the color of wall paper only appropriate use of small area (TV wall, sofa background wall or the wall of one side of the restaurant), and the living room or restaurant in one of the main background wallpaper or choose light color attune is better.

If outdoor is green plant, light shadow scattering enters indoor, use the metope that is decorated with warm color such as shallow purple, shallow yellow, shallow pink can create a kind of sunshine beautiful atmosphere;

If outdoor is a big red brick or other red, metope should be dominated by shallow yellow, light brown, can give a person a kind of fluent feeling.

Sitting room, dining-room is the place where people party, leisure, entertainment, eating, bright color and lively colors have active effect to the person's mood, the collocation of this kind of wallpaper, can make the person's spirit is happy, the mood cheerful, unrestrained.

The bedroom needs to give a person warm feeling, make a person relaxed, mood is stable, even can bring point of hypnotic effect, the wall paper with low brightness, color is more suitable.

Of course, if really like the wallpaper of bright color, the bedroom that likes lively when awake, the bedroom that likes quiet again when sleeping, how to do?

Then add a thicker curtain, one pull, and immediately change the tone of the room.

If the bedroom is mainly by the old people to reside should choose a few more can make a person quiet and composed of color wallpaper, also can choose the wallpaper of some vegetable flower according to old people's preference.

While the study serves as the space that needs a person to meditate, it is appropriate to choose the color with low brightness or cool color to make a person concentrates energy to concentrate on thinking, or calm impetuous mood.

Bright colors of children room wallpaper, generally choose the wallpaper, can also be decorated with cartoon waist line ornament, or up and down using the upper belt cartoon design, lower, or plain coloured wallpaper, build a happy clean effect.

The wall paper of cool color is easy to let a person concentrate spirit, appropriate use in the study.

Wallpaper and other furniture.

Furniture had better with wallpaper is same color system, such bedroom environment can appear harmonious and unified.

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