Wallpaper Development

- Jan 11, 2018 -

The wall paper is like other adornment material, along with the development of the world economy and culture changes ceaselessly.

The use of wallpapers at different times is the embodiment of the local economic development level, new materials science and popular consumption psychology.

The origin of

As early as the tang dynasty in China, people painted on paper to decorate the walls.

In the middle of the 19th century, Englishman William morris began mass production of printed wallpapers, with modern wallpaper.

As the change of The Times, the development of wall paper along with the development of world economy and culture and continuous development, has experienced: paper, paper writing, foam paper, printing paper, paper version of embossed paper, special technology development change process.

The original wallpaper was painted on the wall and printed with various patterns.

It has certain psychedelic effects, but it is also limited to the royal court and other high places for local decoration.

The real large area with other decorative materials into the home life, or in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Throughout the '80s, the wallpaper was in vogue.

The "wall paper" is also known as the web version of embossed foaming, is to add foaming agent in the raw material, in the production process with the high temperature, causes the leavening agent to complete similar "fermentation" process.

Therefore, the wallpaper produced will have a concave feel and feel soft.

The advantage of this kind of wall paper is stereo feeling strong, can increase the dimensional feeling of the room.

But the disadvantage is also obvious: not wear-resisting, easy to scrape, easy to stain.

Foaming wallpaper has been phased out, but it is still visible on the ceiling of some rooms.

At the beginning of the wall paper, the quality of the luster of the silk wallpaper is very popular.

In the later period, with the trend of the home decoration industry changes, the dull matte wallpaper (cloth feeling wallpaper) gradually led the trend.

Wallpaper is more and more intense to the expression of colour, pattern, receive consumer's general welcome.

There is fierce competition among the major manufacturers.

By the end of the 1980s, with the development of the plastics industry, there was an alternative to the foaming wallpaper: glue wallpaper.

This wallpaper does not foaming, so the texture is hard, greatly improved foaming wallpaper's shortcomings.

Waterproof, moistureproof, durable, delicate printing, embossing, texture can be arbitrary showed all sorts of design and decorative pattern on the wallpaper, the color expressive force, practical to start a new page of the wallpaper development.

The usage rate of glue face wallpaper in the world accounts for about 70%.

From the late 1990s to the early 2000s, the cloth felt wallpaper became popular.

At home, the wallpaper starts late.

From 1976 to 1986, the wallpaper was mainly used in some high-end hotels and hotels.

The main trend from 1986 to 2001 was foaming wallpaper, which reached its peak in 1992, followed by a decline in market share due to quality problems.

The status quo

Wallpaper renderings.

Wallpaper renderings (9)

Wallpaper as the adornment material that can beautify the environment, in a lot of places apply.

Household paper: living room, bedroom, dining room, children's room, study, entertainment room, etc.

Commercial space: hotel, restaurant, department store, shopping mall, exhibition field, etc.

Administrative space: office buildings, government agencies, schools, hospitals, etc.

Entertainment space: restaurant, dance hall, bar, KTV, night club, tea house, cafe etc.

Due to the particularity of the wallpaper with, the choice of the color and style of the decoration becomes the fundamental key of whole family, and the diversification of wallpaper decoration fully meet the family in the principle of "light is repaired, heavy adornment", deeply the general consumer's affection, the demand for domestic outfit is fashion and personality, wallpaper is admired by many young people, but because of the lack of related laws and regulations and industry self-discipline, wallpaper industry exists the phenomenon of the good and bad are intermingled.

The diversity of wallpapers and people no longer pursue the oneness of metope, cast the development direction and development prospect of wallpaper.

How to face the wallpaper industry development and grasp the correct development direction is every wallpaper manufacturer should understand.

Current situation: the development situation of wallpaper industry is serious, single channel multi-mode marketing mode.

The first group of wallpaper brand occupy industry are aware of the potential of the industry, to cultivate the market, together with the introduction of international decorate a style to influence domestic consumption atmosphere, establish the important position of the wallpaper on the home market, and to the traditional coating and metope paint a strategic offensive, trying to seize the metope adornment material important position in China.

Advantages: the wallpaper enterprise brand is good, the operating threshold is high.

Because the threshold of operating wallpaper is very high, a lot of merchants have deep consciousness to the sale of wallpaper brand.

The wallpaper industry is in a slow development period in China. Although the products have improved significantly in environmental protection and quality, the lack of service system has become an obstacle to the development of the whole industry.

Market management chaos, product chaos, price chaos, service chaos, especially price chaos is the most prominent.

The usage rate of wallpaper in interior decoration of our country is less than 5%, but in Europe, United States and Japan, South Korea, the utilization rate of wallpaper is more than 50% above.

China's wallpaper market has huge potential.

In the face of such development status, why the utilization rate of Chinese wallpaper, but so low?

Industry expert points out: "some unstandard current situation, cause the consumer when buy metope adornment material, abandoned wallpaper, chose emulsioni paint and new liquid wallpaper and other material.

The whole wallpaper industry only has self-discipline to do big and strong.

There is no strict standard.

Current affect the wallpaper into the people family another big problem is the price of the black hole, a roll of the same product family standard 500 yuan, another is 700, consumers don't know this thing is really worth.

The price instability and opacity largely affect the trust of the wallpaper in the purchase process, which causes the loss of prospective customers in the wallpaper market.

The key to solve the price problem is to define the industry price system and regulate the circulation channels including dealers.

In addition, we should unify the standard of operation, reshape the industry image, unify the retail price, unify the service standards, and establish a good reputation in the industry.

Forecast: wallpaper industry market prospect.

With the change of focus, the trend of wallpaper is also a qualitative rise, the pursuit of "fashion, environmental protection, high quality" brand proposition.

The future wall paper market will inevitably improve the quality and quality.

Consumer's pursuit of wallpaper base material has been not recognized for several years, gradually accepted.

Like this kind of things, non-woven fabrics, pure paper as early as a few years all think this wallpaper is too expensive, the cost is too high, but from the point of these two years, consumers have gradually started to pay attention to environmental protection, more willing to choose the products of this type, durable sex also pay more attention to it.

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