Wallpaper Style

- Dec 23, 2017 -

Neo-classical style

The combination of classical and modern, it is derived from the classical, whichever is similar! Under the standard of traditional aesthetics, the modern materials and crafts are used to deduce the classic essence of traditional culture. It not only possesses the elegant and Zhuang-Zhuang temperament, but also has obvious characteristics of the times. Wallpaper selection elements: noble, luxurious, comfortable.

Modern avant-garde style

More than the simple and more prominent self, publicity personality, no conventional space structure, bold and contrasting strong color arrangement, as well as the selection of rigid and flexible with the mix and match the way from cold to seek a surreal balance, wallpaper Select elements: trendy, fashion, personality.

American country style

American village attaches great importance to the natural comfort of life, fully demonstrate the rustic flavor of the village, it abandoned the tedious and luxurious. Both the beautiful classic style and neoclassical complete functions. American-style country-style furniture, natural color tone, the overall green room colors, brown is common, especially in the choice of color on the wall, natural, nostalgic, exudes a rustic style of color is a typical American country style features The selection of pure paper pulp wallpaper texture, and the integration of different elements of the outstanding elements of style, emphasizing the return to nature, whether bulky furniture, or with years of vicissitudes of the accessories, are to show people the comfort and freedom of life. Wallpaper selection elements: natural, color, paper.

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