Wallpaper Style II

- Dec 25, 2017 -

Mediterranean style

Mediterranean people love the freedom and unrestrained nature, in the living environment for space spacious design and visual penetration of color. The use of arches, windows, hollow walls to create a sense of visual penetration and let the space has extended the effect of Spain's blue coast and white sandy beaches, the white villages of Greece, southern Italy sunflower fields flowing in the golden sun, southern France Lavender floated purple aroma, North Africa unique desert and rocks, all the elements of the mediterranean dream. Wallpaper selection elements: bright, romantic, light-colored.

European classical style

Elegant ancient style: a delicate medieval style, a rich renaissance style, a romantic Baroque style, a delicate rococo style! Crystal clear crystal palace lights, beautifully carved gods, complex floral designs beautiful, gorgeous wallpaper totally natural, all interpretation of luxury, exquisite! European classical without fear of time and space changes, fascinating. Wallpaper selection elements: exquisite, gorgeous, European-style elements.

new Chinese style

The Cultural Meaning of Chinese Traditional Style in the Present Context. The complex and tedious decoration is more subtle and elegant, soft and straight lines for soft and soft decoration, the classical beauty into the simple and practical modern design. The new Chinese style is not just a pile of elements, but through the understanding of traditional culture, the modern elements and traditional elements together, with modern aesthetic needs to create a rich traditional charm. Wallpaper selection elements: nostalgic, sophisticated, Chinese elements.

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