Warmly Welcome Azerbaijani Customers To Visit Our Factory

- Apr 23, 2018 -

Warmly welcome Azerbaijani customers to visit our factory

With the extensive promotion and use of our company's products in the domestic and foreign markets, the good reputation of Zesen's wallpaper has been continuously recognized by the market, which has attracted many domestic and foreign customers to visit our factory. During this visit, foreign customers came for more friendly cooperation with our company. Under the arrangement of the business staff, as soon as the customer arrives at the factory, he is scheduled to enter the company conference room for discussion. In order to enable our customers to have a more thorough understanding of us, deepen our cooperation. After the exchange, the customer was guided to visit the production workshop, packing workshop, and warehouse. They had an in-depth understanding of the production process flow, inspection flow, production equipment, and finished products. After visiting the production line, the two sides discussed how to develop together in the future.

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