Welcome Russian Customers To Visit Our Factory

- Dec 14, 2017 -

With the extensive promotion and use of Zesen products in foreign markets, Zesen's good reputation has been continuously recognized by the market. Which attracted many customers came to Xinxiang Zesen environmental companies to visit. On December 12, the Russian customers and his entourage inspected the factory's production and packaging workshops and observed the operation of the production line.


Customers arrived at the factory, Qin, Zhang total hospitality customers arranged for the company conference room to discuss the forum and the customer's version of the choice of a detailed conversation, then the customer visited the company's production process, the customer also carried outWe have carried out a wide range of praise, customer also to our product production status, with the production capacity, equipment quality and technical level of praise. Through this foreign customer visit,  that foreign customers have a better understanding of the strength of our company.



Through this visit, the two parties reached a long-term cooperation intention, and the client said that they are very happy to visit our company and thank our company for their warm and thoughtful reception. In addition, they are very attentive to our good working environment and orderly production process. Impressed with the latest technology in quality control and equipment. After visiting the production line, the two sides discussed how to jointly develop the Russia market in the future. The customers expressed their good wishes for cooperation with zesen in the later stage.


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