What Kind Of Wallpaper To Pick?

- Jan 12, 2018 -

Now on the market wall fashionable and diverse colors, living in the tide of the times today, everything hidden in a variety of tricky. For the selection of wallpaper friends, the original is a helpless thing, but do not know which kind of wallpaper is better, more helpless? Now I will give a very detailed explanation of what kind of wallpaper to pick?

In addition to flower patterns, but also depends on the wallpaper material, environmental protection, breathability, durability, wear resistance. Popular, good wallpaper is high environmental protection, no quality problems, long life wallpaper.

Identification method:

1, smell the smell: open the sample, smell the smell, if the smell is synthetic paper, natural material wallpaper is very light grass fragrance.

2, touch, rub: high-end wallpaper feel delicate, like touching the board, the general chemical wallpaper feel rough, like touch foam, plastic; take half a damp cloth hard to wipe the wallpaper surface, fade or wear, then the craft but off.

3, pull: hard to pull the wallpaper sample page, high-end wallpaper of natural materials is not easy to deform, easy to recover, plastic-containing paper easily deformed, difficult to recover.

4, the fire: the natural material of the wallpaper burning no smoke and smell, the dust is white after burning; If you smoke black, stinky, it is plastic wallpaper, quality and environmental protection performance is not guaranteed.

5, water test: first drop a few drops of water on the back of the wallpaper to see if there is water stains through the paper, if not, then no air permeability, not pure natural material wallpaper; then a small part of the wallpaper bubble into the water, Scratch the surface and back of your wallpaper with your fingers to see if it faded or dull.

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